Bitcoin Qualification Course by Belal Miah

Bitcoin Qualification Course

Helping you earn a recognized bitcoin qualification.

What's included?

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Topics Covered...

History of Money and Ledger-based Economics
Centralized Ledgers
Functions of Currency
Distributed Consensus
History of Bitcoin
Price Derivation
Basic Cryptography
Terms and Definitions
Hash Functions
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
Digital Signatures
Bitcoin Basics
Bitcoin Community
Bitcoin Addresses and Keys
Bitcoin Transactions
Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger
Bitcoin the Unit
Bitcoin the Network
Buying and Selling bitcoin
Blockchain Explorers
Purpose and Function
Mining Pools
Mining Hardware
Security and Centralization
Wallets, Clients and Key Management
Wallet Types
Bitcoin Clients
Deterministic Wallets (AKA BIP32)
Passphrase-Encrypted Wallets (AKA BIP38)
Importing and Exporting
Bitcoin Commerce
Bitcoin as a Merchant
Bitcoin Payment Processors
Secure Payment Protocol (AKA BIP70)

What is covered...

In this course, you will learn...

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